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August 12th, 2015

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11:30 pm - New Moon in Cancer Aslesha Nakshatra
New Moon in Cancer Aslesha Nakshatra

New Moon in Cancer on Friday – August 14, 2015
This will begin 30 days of sensitivity and attempting to go deeper than the emotions, toward more devotional love. Complicating this is debilitated Mars in Cancer and Venus retrograde also crossing Mars in Cancer.

New Moon in Cancer Aslesha Nakshatra – Video


The New Moon will be in Aslesha Nakshatra, ruled by Sarpa (Serpent), the entwiner. This is a section of the sky where the first section of the zodiac (Aries-Cancer) becomes the second section of the zodiac (Leo-Scorpio).New Moon in Cancer Aslesha Nakshatra

The Aries-Cancer section of the sky is where creation is begun / initiated. From no form, a tangible universe emerges. That tangible universe takes form in the Leo-Scorpio section of the zodiac. Then in the third section the soul transcends the wheel of time.

As we transition between worlds there is volatility. Between Cancer / Leo – Scorpio / Sagittarius and Pisces / Aries the energy is uncertain. These points are called “gandantha”,…
Planets moving through these points are volatile, positive and negative.

You may be experiencing this uncertainty now in relationships especially (with retrograde Venus crossing over the gandantha points).

Debilitated Mars

Mars being debilitated in Cancer introduces emotional frustration into the mix. Mars is where we act in accordance with our principles, or not. When Mars is in cancer we tend to act more emotionally, and in a more frustrated way. You may observe “childish” behavior all around you now. Try to rise above that, and be more mature about things — and maintain your discipline and focus this next month.

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