Moxcey (moxcey) wrote in buddhists,

For what it's worth

I wasn't feeling very good, and I knew I didn't have a good reason to feel bad, so I tried a few things, but none worked.

I decided it was a good time to meditate, so I did.

Something happened. I thought I should share:

I recalled a lot of struggles and conversations about struggles.
"...everything has to be a battle..."
"'s always one thing after another..."

I recalled that we always run from bad things
and chase after good things
and feel bad when we can't reach them
or worry that they won't always be within reach.

And then I thought that maybe there's a better way to live.
Maybe everything doesn't have to be a battle.
Maybe it doesn't have to be one thing after another.
Maybe we just make it that way.

I realized that nothing is inherently good or bad.
If it weren't for us, everything would just be.
Things are good
when we think they're good
and bad
when we think they're bad.
The battles, then,
are always with and within ourselves.

And that better way to live
is really a state of mind
in which we see things as they are
rather than as good or bad.

I guess that means that happiness
isn't having a lot of good things;
it's not needing
anything to be good.

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