Robin Artisson (owl_clan) wrote in buddhists,
Robin Artisson

Meditation doesn't help health problems

Uh-oh! "Research" has shown that despite the common belief that meditation MUST do something good for your health, it really doesn't help at all.

Guess you Buddhists are all sold-out beggars! Time to get a new religion! (lol)

Actually, I was reading this, thinking to myself that I encounter this problem daily in my own life- I'm always encountering "researchers"- practically all of them slaves to materialistic assumptions about things- who don't know at all what to look for when they are seeking data to support their a priori assumptions about anything that even remotely borders on the world of mind or spirituality.

You see, instead of asking what "meditation" was originally intended to be and what it was originally intended to do, they assume that it MUST deal with relaxation, breathing, posture, calm mind-states, and blood pressure. Then they (like the rest of the world) assume that the possible physical benefits of "meditation" were always intended to be the central point of the practice. The second most common misconception about meditation is that it was meant to be a way to develop a peaceful state of mind. But neither the physical or mental benefits of meditation are the real point.

I personally think that meditation, in the true sense of the word, isn't primarily a physical reality at all; it is a "void" reality, if that makes any sense. Aside from the development of void-wisdom, meditation is about virtue. But all of this immediately puts it outside of the reach of the dirty fingers of these "researchers", all the "rules" they think they know about how the world works, and their assumptions.

But this goes further. I don't give a flying fig what "data" they compile- a person sitting in true mindfulness, body peaceful, mind peaceful, is going to encounter numerous mental and moral benefits, and I KNOW for a fact that those things translate directly over to physical health. I've met very few people in my life that had mental peace and stability, that didn't also have good health. I believe in "mind over matter", in this case.

This all goes back to the same dishonest mental habits that produced the mountain of spurious evidence that vegetarians are supposedly "more healthy" than non-vegetarians. What the (typically vegetarian) authors of those studies don't tell you is that vegetarians tend to have more going for them than just their diets- almost ALL of them are into fitness in other ways as well. Most vegetarians who exclude meat for health reasons also usually don't smoke, and tend to do more exercise- and these two factors by themselves would affect any longevity and health data.

And it ticks me off that the story's headline reads "Meditation does not ease health problems, researchers say"- that's all the average Yahoo! user will see. If they don't click, they won't see what a shoddy story this is. Your typical misinformed skeptic or idiot Christian will see that and snicker, knowing that finally, some "RESEARCHERS" out there have shot down that Buddhist and Hindu nonsense for the bunk they always knew it was. Some asswipe who works for Yahoo! has been instructed to get controversial, interesting looking storylines up there, to get more clicks, so they write crap like this- even though the story itself isn't as hard on meditation as the headline would imply. It really boils down to a bunch of "researchers" complaining that "previous studies" on meditation's health benefits have been "shoddy" (meaning that the previous research didn't say what they thought it should say).

The reason why this absurdity is possible is because we are trained, like Sheeple, like Lemmings, to believe anything that we see that has the words "researchers say" or "scientists say" attached to it. Death! Death! Deaaatthhh!


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