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buddhists's Journal

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The Buddhism Community
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This is an unmoderated community focused on discussions related to Buddhism and life.
This is an UNMODERATED Buddhism community. About 2500 years ago, give or take, a man named Gautama sat under a tree in meditation. After a few days had passed, he looked up, saw the morning star, and suddenly understood the nature of suffering in life. What he said then is in some contention, as is much else about what was the nature of the realization Gautama -- later known as the Buddha Shakyamuni -- had those 2500 years ago.

Here is a community for those interested in the nature of this realization. Some may call themselves Buddhists, some may claim allegiance to different schools, sects, or lineages which have various thoughts about or at least means of expressing the nature of the Buddha's realization, some may be the merely curious. All are welcome.

Please, feel free to join and post, ask questions, and comment.

Guidelines for Members

Some members have requested guidelines for the type of posts that are expected in the community. In general, the maintainers of this community trust you to use your best judgment in posting content that is beneficial to the community and appropriate to the teachings of Buddhism. We recognize that members of the community will have differing viewpoints on this; the diversity of expression in this community should be respected and tolerated.

There will be cases in which members disagree about what is right to post. Other people will, on occasion, post things that you feel are inappropriate. If this is the case, you might follow this teaching: "Practice loving-kindness to overcome anger. Practice compassion to overcome cruelty. Practice sympathetic joy to overcome hatred. Practice non-attachment to overcome prejudice."

Avoid the impulse to correct a wrong with another wrong. If you see a post that you disagree with, it is best to avoid spreading gossip or slander about the person who wrote it. Also, it is not helpful to imitate the posts that annoy you in an attempt to prove a point.

Maintainers will rarely, if ever, use moderating action to enforce these guidelines.

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